• View outside a boat
    View outside a boat
  • A dong
    A dong
  • Gold Budda Statue
    Gold Budda Statue
  • Hey, Mr. Temple! Oh Hey, Matt
    Hey, Mr. Temple! Oh Hey, Matt
  • Inside a boat
    Inside a boat
  • Marilyn and I at the Lucky Budda Temple
    Marilyn and I at the Lucky Budda Temple
  • Me at the Reclining Budda
    Me at the Reclining Budda
  • Temple in Bangkok
    Temple in Bangkok
  • These guys in Bangkok
    These guys in Bangkok

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  1. October 4, 2015

    […] We were dropped off near the Royal Palace. We passed a large amount of vendors trying to sell us basically anything from a pair of glasses to a single shoe. We were approached by many Tuk Tuk drivers who wanted to take us to the Royal Palace or around Bangkok. We were told by the employees at our hotel to be wary of these drivers. Tuk Tuk drivers try to make a quick buck from tourists by overcharging them and taking them to places they do not want to go. Marilyn and I couldn’t find the Royal Palace, so we decided to ask someone for help. The man we asked happened to be a Tuk Tuk driver. He told us it was expensive and difficult to get into the Royal Palace today and he would take us anywhere we wanted to go for the entire day.  He wanted to charge us 150 baht.  I didn’t really understand the conversion from baht to dollars just yet, but we felt like he was trying to rip us off. (We soon learned this is just over 4 dollars). After some quick discussion, we decided to trust the guy and let him take us around. He spoke pretty decent English, so we figured we would take a chance. He turned out to be a great person. He took us all around Bangkok and brought us everywhere we wanted to go with no problems at all. Adventuring in Bangkok photos […]

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