How to Begin Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad is one of the best ways to make money while traveling. Landing a job is quick, easy, and fun. You don’t need any teaching experience in most cases and don’t even have to enjoy teaching! Here are 6 easy steps to land a teaching job abroad.


Pick a Country

Picking a country to teach in could be the most fun or discouraging part of the process. Choosing a country can be fun because there are so many options when it comes to teaching abroad. However, on the other hand, choosing a country could be discouraging because there are many rules and regulations when choosing a country to work and live in. According to International TEFL Academy, some of the most popular countries to teach abroad in are Thailand, Nicaragua, Columbia, The Czech Republic, Chile, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Spain, and China. All of  these countries have different requirements for people trying to become teachers. All of the countries require you to have a bachelor’s degree in pretty much anything. Some countries, like Italy and Spain, require you to receive a TEFL/TESOL certification. These certifications can be completed online, but can be a little pricey. Countries like Thailand and South Korea only require a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t want to spend money on a TEFL/TESOL certification, countries like Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and China could be your best bet in finding a job. If you are unsure whether or not you are qualified to teach in certain countries, you can check out these websites to better your understanding: Oxford Seminars Jimmy ESL Return of the Kings.

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Find a Job

Ah, finding a job. If you are from the United States, you know finding a job could possibly be the most stressful task in the world. Well guess what?! Finding a job in a foreign country is extremely easy! My favorite place to find teaching jobs abroad is Dave’s ESL Cafe. This website is loaded with job postings from all around the world. The job postings are updated every day, so there is an endless amount of opportunities. When on the website, click the drop-down listed as “Jobs” and go to the “International Job Board.” You can choose from numerous amounts of countries. When you find a job you like, click on its link. The link will lead you to a page which will tell you what the school is looking for in a teacher, information on the job itself, and other valuable information. If you feel you meet the criteria, apply to the job you are interested in working for. An agent from a school will then contact you regarding your application.  I would suggest emailing a few job sites. This will increase your chances in finding the right job! 

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Visa Nonsense

So far, visa nonsense is my least favorite part of traveling. You cannot simply go to another country and begin working. If you are going to be spending an extended amount of time in another country, you need to obtain a visa. All countries have different visa laws. Each country has different visa rules which regulate when and how you can enter a country. The best way to find out about visa laws is through Project Visa. Another good way to find out about visa laws is to ask the agent helping you with your job. Your agent’s job is to help you find a job, help with visa regulations, and make sure your working process goes smoothly. I’ll be the first to tell you agents can be extremely helpful or completely incompetent. Try your best to research your agent/agency before agreeing to a position. Finding information on your agent/agency could be difficult, but if you find anything negative about them, find a new agency immediately.Passport

Pack Nice Clothing

Now that you chose a country, found a job, and began to understand visa regulation, it’s time to get ready to teach! I had no clue what to expect or how to begin teaching. When I first taught in Thailand, I had absolutely no help and began “teaching” completely on my own. The best thing you can do to prepare for teaching is to dress nice. Most jobs around the world require you to look halfway decent when teaching. You don’t need to go into school with a full suit on, but wearing shorts and sandals won’t work either. Dress how you would dress  if you are attending a family party or a graduation ceremony. Here’s a picture of what I typically wore each day while teaching:


Finding a job abroad can be very easy. If you are having trouble finding a job, feel free to contact me at anytime. I want everyone to experience world travel and I believe teaching around the world is the best way to do it!

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