Where am I?

I am currently in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Not like that means much to most of my readers.

Last you heard from me I left California and was living and working in Sejong, South Korea. The original plan was to work there for at least a year, but obviously things fell through. I am currently living in Vietnam and backpacking through the entire country. I have been here for almost five months, working primarily off my computer.

I haven’t wrote much on my blog because I honestly do not enjoy writing. ¬†Writing feels like schoolwork to me.

White Sand Dunes, Mui Nei

White Sand Dunes, Mui Nei

I am thinking of switching to mainly videos, but I’ll have to wait until I visit America to grab my camera.

I truly hope Donald Trump does not become America’s next President.

See ya!

Matthew Treglia

Living, Traveling, and eating cheese!

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  1. girlonawing says:

    Excellent! Thank you for the update! That place looks beautiful. Universe, take me to Vietnam already….

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